Located in the upstairs of public bath (onsen).

You can relax feel breeze in naked after take onsen.

​Free to use all the time.



Located in just outside of Onsen.

Complimentary cold water, original miso-soup, shaved ice (Kakigouri) prepared. Just take a reat by sitting down, reading a book. 

Japanese type of hot-spring called Onsen that  one of the most popular culture to spend their holidays. Although everywhere in Japan exists Onsen,non of them are the same distinguished by the mineral, color, temperature and more.  Different minerals provide different health benefits, and all hot springs are supposed to have a relaxing effect on your body and mind. 

Bessho Onsen is the oldest Onsen resort since 1400 before.That means people loved it and take care for a long time.You can enjoy such magnificent  onsen here as purely natural hot-spring.​

Our Onsen is public baths and separated men and women. 

Basic temperature: 51.3℃
Bath temperature: 40-42℃
Quality: Sulfur spring - clear and colorless
Opening hours: 19 hours / Day (15:00 -10:00)

Nanakuri - view of the village -

Basic onsen type for Ryokan Speciality for the view of Bessho village by the wide window and open air. 


-- 3 Types of Baths -- 

Cypress bath

Octagon bath

Inside Kitamuki bath

Rokumon - atmosphere with design -

Sanada red designed baths refurbished  2017. 

​Out-side stone bath let you feel different place you came.


-- 3 Types of Baths -- 

Stone bath

Earthenware bath

Inside Sanada bath

We meet up you at the first time when you arrive at.

Basic function of checkin/checkout and help or answer any requests within your stay.

Available  English or Chinese speakers.

Also we have a service of: morning coffee served, delivery luggage help, suveniour shop so on.  



Located in the lobby area.

Comfortable rattan furniture that you can enjoy and relax.

Great to be in about side to view the onsen town in the warm period.


1628 Bessho Onsen

Ueda, Nagano. Japan.



Tel: +81-268-38-2300

Fax: +81-268-38-8501

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