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Welcome to UEMATSUYA. Bessho Onsen is the oldest hot spring resort that is rich in historical monuments and mountain nature. Easy access local town takes 2 hours from Tokyo using Shinkansen and local train.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, many people love such unique town for a long time. UEMATSUYA is a Japanese Style hotel located in the centre of the town has 148 years history provides authentic Japanese food, high-quality natural hot spring, Japanese style facilities and service. Importantly, we have staff who are fluent of English and Chinese so that most of foreigner can relax without any worries. We guarantee that all of our guests from abroad will enjoy the most comfortable and memorial stay with outstanding Japanese experience.

​Stay Comfort

Japanese tradition to stay in Ryokan is one of the finest way to spend your  leisure time. 

Typical Japanese atmosphere and interior having tatami,  sleeping  a futon, wearing a yakuza will be giving  you a brilliant comfort. Also our view of local countryside and mountains from a room make you feel an ease of mind.  

Expression of Taste

Sacred onsen resort blessed by the sun and the land, our Bessho Onsen area called. There is a plenty of seasonal. quality fresh foods under the fertile soil land and great nature in our regional area.

We serve original Kaiseki meal that Japanese traditional  elegant course meal arranged  by our chef with using such local  fresh ingredients. 

Basically to be elaborated an idea of tradition and modern  taste and eating style using ingredients of the local. Enjoy our real espression of the local cuisine mixed with traditional & modern taste. 

​Onsen of Grace

Bessho Onsen is an oldest hot-spring resort in Nagano Pref. for 1400-year-history. Our Ryokan prepares completely natural hot-spring from a ground that surely high-quality water. It effectively works for beauty as your skin that makes it very smooth as well as warm up your body from deeply inside. 

You can enjoy our several types and shapes onsen bathtubs including open-air-bath, cypress smells, earthnware bath  so on with a view of local atmosphere.

Stay with Convenences


Several staff can communicate you without any language problems.


Prepared English info. or guide about our Ryokan, about your  stay and the area. 



All the rooms and other area in the building can be used for free.

​Free Shuttl

Pick-up bus and send you to Bessho  Onsen st. for free.

Please contact us.



Paid delivery service available to your next destination.

Do not carry, make your travel easily.​



We have non-smoking rooms available.

​Please see the details of room category.

Rural Scenary 

This Shioda region including Bessho Onsen is called  'Sacred Onsen resort blessed by the Sun & the Land'.

Historically many temples and shrines had been constructed along the road of the power of sun's lay-line. This place be loved many people who felt the power of the fields and the comfort and live or travel. Still now on, a lot of historical buildings makes this town as one of the famous tourist place. 

​You can definitely feel  such power of the land and also feel very comfortable for this local scenery.


Book You Like

We have a contract with several online travel website so choose your preferred website and make your booking easily! 

Also we conteniously achieve a guaranteed result evaluated by TripAdvisor as an award of a Certificate of Excellence for several years. 

​Recommended direct booking as its guaranteed lowest price.


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